Is a web 2.0 tool that is available on the internet, for its users. It permits its users to use materials that are uploaded before such as portfolios, books, magazine issues, newspapers, and other print media. Not only users can use material on that site but can also link themselves to other networking sites. It has similar features when compared to Flickr (photo sharing features) and You Tube (video sharing features). The materials uploaded can be viewed and downloaded. Issuu was founded in the year 2006 and was officially launched in December, 2007. This website was ranked one of the fiftieth websites in the year 2009. Some of the users include Routledge, The World Bank and Cambridge University Press. PDF, Word documents and Power Points can also be uploaded in Issuu. It is being managed by Sunstone Capital and has offices in New York and Copenhagen.


Free and unlimited upload

Allows for materials to be converted into Issuu publication in a few minutes. Does not even need one to be technologically advanced, no downloads or installation is needed to use Issuu. Most importantly it can be opened in any web browser.

Perfect display quality

Has a good display quality where publications are clear. The image can also be It does not go blurry or unclear even when zooming in or printing. The image below shows a lecture being published as a book by one of my lecturer Mr Vilimaka Foliaki.

All document formats supported

Supports and converts all types of documents into Issuu Publications, such as PDF, Word documents, Power Points, Open office, RTF and many more.

Organizes and controls your files

Has a My Library section where documents can be managed very easily. Also has the ability to manage large numbers of folders using the file manager option.

Detailed statistics

Provides a number of statistics such as people who viewed your profile, about bookmarks, ratings and links.

Issuu search

It is a popular site for online publication and hence has a search section for the users to discover content available in its database.

Social networks integration

Content can be made accessible through blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Digg and many more, hence it allows for more people to view your publications.

Import contacts

Has the ability to get contacts from Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc and add it to its address book for easy access.

News feed (RSS)

Uses the news feed (RSS) that informs users about your updates.

Subscription system

When someone subscribes to your publications they will automatically receive email every time you update your profile or upload something new.

Friend recommendations

Publications can be easily provided to friends of friends once they bookmark your publication, hence it allows for a lot of exposure to your publications.


It is very child friendly as all its content is filtered and only appropriate documents get uploaded onto Issuu.

Design and usability

Issuu is very attractive and easy to use for the viewers. Allows for your publications to look interesting with ease of access for exploring your publications.

Full screen mode

Also has a full screen mode where viewers can view your publications in an enlarged version.

Search engine optimization

Allows for content to be made available so that not only Issuu users but also new readers can have access to your publication.


Can be customized according to your likeness such as custom backgrounds and logos.

Protect your content

Files can be protected by making it available where readers can view it but prevents it from duplication and redistribution.


Feedbacks can be obtained by allowing them to comment on the content you provided (your publication).


Makes it easy for the readers to remember your publications.

Email notifications

You can get notifications via email when someone comments on your content.


With the help of Issuu one can publish their documents right away. You do not have to look for a publishing company to get your work to the world. Obtain detailed statistics about their publications, such as the number of views to your profile, the number of downloads of your publications, etc. Moreover, links can be easily shared via e-mails and social media, contents can be downloaded to be used off-line to save on the internet charges. A person can also subscribe and view other users of Issuu. these publications can also be bookmarked and readers can read, comment and evaluate the publications.


Issuu is an online publication site. Where one can publish their work online and readers can view, read and even comment on it.

For instance, to view an already published book, you have to click on the cover. This will allow the book to open in a window on the same page hence enables the reader to flip through the pages, zoom and even email the contents.

Furthermore, Issuu is a very helpful tool for teachers as they can upload notes online for the students to get access to. Publications are presented in such an interesting manner where the students can flip through pages and even zoom, that it attracts their attention and allows them to be interested in what they are studying.

Students can also be given an opportunity to publish their stories, the class newspaper and present their own work through Issuu. This web tool increases the classroom learning barrier.