Is an image and video uploading website. Flickr is regarded as the best online photo sharing in the world . It is for uses to share and upload personal photographs; this service is mostly used by bloggers to upload images that they entrench in blog and social media. There are wide ranges of pictures one can upload and share with other people all over the world. It could be educational or to socialize. Flickr is an application of yahoo. You just need a Yahoo identification to sign in and experience and share the images. The user of Flickr also has an advantage to make his pictures copyright, to avoid unrecognized publication of the users photographs. Flickr was developed by Ludicorp, a Vancouver based company and launched in February 2004 and was later in March 2005 acquired by Yahoo. the screen shot below shows how Flickr home page looks like.


Flickr has two types of accounts, these are free account that is: uses are allowed to upload 300 mega bytes of images per month, two videos and can have more than 200 photos on the site. Pro- account, where uses are allowed an unlimited number of images and videos every month and receive unlimited bandwidth and storage.


Flickr also enables users to organize their photos into groups of photos that fall under the same heading.


It allows users to modify tags, descriptions, and set groupings, and to place photos on a world map.


Flickr has a partnership with the Picnik online photo-editing application that includes a reduced-feature version of Picnik built into Flickr as a default photo editor.

Access control

Flickr provides both private and public image storage. A user uploading an image can set privacy controls that determine who can view the image. Privacy settings also can be decided by adding photographs from a user’s photo stream to a “group pool“. Flickr also provides a “contact list” which can be used to control image access for a specific set of users in a way similar to that of LiveJournal.

Interaction and compatibility

Flickr’s functionality includes RSS and Atom feeds and an API that enables independent programmers to expand its services. The core functionality of the site relies on standard HTML and HTTP features, allowing for wide compatibility among platforms and browsers.


Videos can also be uploaded of Flickr, for the students to make more use of Flickr towards educational purposes. An example, is shown below where my lecturer uploaded a micro teaching video for his class.


The advantage of using Flickr is that the basic account is free for uses of Flickr. It is a very east to use Web 2.0 tool. The pictures uploaded can be used to socialize or can be of educational purposes. A lots of website support Flickr integration for example, Picnik which allows Flickr photo editing. Flickr also uses creative common licensing that allows the user to make his/her pictures copyright.


Flickr only allows 300 mega bytes of photos or video data in a month for a free Flickr account. Video are mostly for paying members but short videos as the one shown in the video feature above can be uploaded in the free account. Only 2 videos are allowed for free members for a month.


There are a lot of classroom application for Flickr. It is indeed a very useful teaching tool for teachers. Through the use of pictures one can visualize and write assignments or understand results about an experiment that was not successful in class. Students can use the pictures to write essays. Also teachers can upload quality field trip pictures in digital portfolios. Students can go online and download the pictures needed to write their reports. Another useful application of Flickr is that teachers and students can create different groups to upload photos to encourage collaboration and commenting from other students and teachers. In Flickr one thing that I find very interesting is the Flickr map feature. It helps to explore what is happening all over the world in matter of seconds. Flickr is a very helpful Web 2.0 tool that aids in creating an advanced teaching and learning environment.