My school journey started at the age of six in 1996. I spent the first four years of my life at Barotu in Rakiraki. Then for my education my parents moved to Malake Landing in Rakiraki. I went to Naria Bhartiya School where I studied till class eight and made some very close friends with whom I am still in touch. As a child, I was extremely stubborn and a crybaby. I used to bunk classes. At first, I did not like school at all. I used to run away from school. As such, mum used to punish me severely. I was a very naughty kid. My teachers scolded me at school and mum at home because every time I played with a ball, used to break something such as my neighbors glass window. Then they would all troop to my house, complaining to mum.

After all that notorious weeks, I sat for my first term examinations. Mum thought I would fail very badly but fortunately, I passed. Surprising thing was that I scored the total mark and came first. Since then I started liking school and tried harder to achieve good grades. I learnt to interact with teachers and fellow colleagues. One of my greatest achievements in primary school was when I was badged as the class prefect in class four, five, six Deputy Head boy in seven and then Head Boy in class eight. My major success in this seven years were acquiring first, second and third positions from class one to class eight.

My parents were a major element of success of influence that encouraged me to excel. They used to bit me when I faced difficulties in pronouncing some of the alphabets such as ‘n’. The other influences were my peers and teachers. I used to admire my teachers for their way of teachings since they were quite effective. Since, we had lot of bright students in the class, the competitions among the students were intense, and this in fact had a great influence on me. Whenever I came across something that influenced me, I wanted to be that. So it varied from a doctor, teacher, radiographer, to engineer.

Through hard work and dedication, I managed to score 384/500 in my Fiji Eighth Year Examination. Fortunately, I succeeded with my schoolwork as well as extracurricular activities, although my marks were not that good. My parents said to me try harder the next time I do an external exam.

After the primary education, secondary life was so much fun. I joined Rakiraki Public High School. It was also challenging since I had to adapt to totally new environment. In form three, various new subjects were introduced to us. All these subjects included internal assessment therefore, we were overloaded with work. Furthermore, another new feature that we got introduced to was that different subjects had different teachers. To my surprise, there were fifty-six students in my form. Slowly, I started interacting with my new colleagues. I had a huge group of friends with had both girls and boys. One biggest challenge that I faced in Form three was speaking in front of the class during presentations and that all conversation had to be done in English.

Then I moved to form four, which was very crucial year for us. I really worked hard with the help of my teachers, peers and parents I passed my Fiji Junior Examinations with an A grade. My mark was 520/600. This was a very big achievement for me when comparing my class eight mark. After excelling in form four I progressed on to form five where I chose to do science and technology as anything to do with science and technology was like a passion to me. I really enjoyed learning about outer space regarding what was happening at various planets. In science, Chemistry and Physics were my two most favorite subjects as it involved calculations and technical drawing with applied drawings. I was the best science and technology student.

Moving on to form six, I had to really work hard as that year I sat for the Fiji School Leaving Certificate Examination. This exam was regarded as important as form seven exams because it determined most of the students’ future. That year I got engaged with Team Mathematics and Titration Competitions. This year I was also selected as the school prefect so it was another challenge for me. I was bit overloaded with work as in form six, two years work was tested. I really tried to cope up with both my studies and competitions in which I was participating. We also had afternoon trainings. Unfortunately, we lost the Mathematics Competition but luckily got selected for the finals in the Titration Competition. I was a bit nervous as the finals were organized at the University of the South Pacific. My Chemistry’ teacher’s hard work and dedication really paid off as I came second in the Western Division. That day was really lucky for me. One award I got for the Titration Competition. I was really thankful to my Chemistry teacher for all the achievements I got. She became one of my role models at secondary level. I also passed my form six final exams with A grade. My mark was 320/400.

Furthermore, form seven again became another challenging year with lots and lots of new stuff. That year I got the responsibility of the schools’ Head Boy, at first I found Head Boys job very boring but later I started enjoying performing my responsibilities. For instance, I enjoyed taking the students to task if they did not follow the school rules. On top of that our form teacher was training us for tertiary education. She organized mock interviews for us as we had to go for many interviews that year. Form seven students were regarded as the senior students of the school therefore; everyone in the form was expected to be up to date with their work. I received many complains and sometimes was also punished because of my bad hand writing. Many of my subject teachers complained that my hand writing was too small to be read. Sometimes I also got penalized in the exams because of my bad hand writing. My major achievement that year was when I was awarded with the award for the best technology student. I was really shocked but extremely happy as the award is given to the best student of the school. I scored a mark of 290/400 in the final exam and got Public Service Scholarship to study at the University of the South Pacific.

Although, my secondary life was challenging, I managed to successfully complete my studies. It was also a very enjoyable life as we were exposed to many new things. During these five years of study, my subject teachers really influenced me. All the teachers really worked hard and tried their best to make each and every student pass with good grades. They encouraged us to move forward in life so that everyone has a bright and successful future.

In 2009, I joined University of the South Pacific. I got enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Certificate in Education program majoring in Technology and Physics. I started facing a lot of difficulties in Physics because to me things became complicated for example the formulas were no longer the same. I had no option but to get enroll in to this program as I was on scholarship. Though we were trained a lot about the ways of University, still there were lots of things we were not aware of. There were power point presentations, doing researches on internet most of the time, had to make our own notes and we also had to be really fast in writing notes. We were also required to email the softcopy of assignments to the labs lecturers and sometimes hard copy was needed. In University of the South Pacific, many things are done online. Also continuous assessments are done. Sometimes we are required to do our assignments in groups and through this we are able to enhance ones skills and are able to share ideas. Also assignments require individuals to do extra reading and research to attain good marks. As such individuals are able to broaden their knowledge. At first it was really difficult to cope with University life. As time passed we started to cope up with our studies. Here we are able to meet people of multiple races. We are able to learn other ways of doing things. Also we are required to be consistent with our work. Our role models at University are our friends who have already graduated. Also, we get influenced by the lecturers and tutors who are very effective in their teaching. We do our best to take all the difficult challenges at University with our skills and qualities and hoping to complete my course successfully in the next year.